Tandem filter housing

This filter housing allows you to filter and bottle products in one go and it is designed to operate in conjunction with Enolmatic

The Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing is designed to operate in conjunction with the Enolmatic bottle filling machine. Giving you the opportuny to filter and bottle your products in one go, the Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing speeds up your bottling process significantly.

With the Tandem Filter Housing you can filter wine, olive oil, spirits, syrup, and fruit juices depending on the filter cartridges you use - you can either use Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges or Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges.

Place the filter in the housing and attach the hoses, then open the bypass valve on top of the filter housing. Place the Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing inline between the product and the Enolmatic Filler. The Enolmatic Filling Machine draws the product from your tank and will pull the liquid through your filter housing, into the bottle.

fast filtering and bottling, easy to use, preserves product quality, easy to clean.

  • Enolmatic can be used with up to three filter housings at a time, allowing you to execute diverse filtration operations (for example: fine filtration followed up by extra fine filtration)

We sell filter cartridges separately.

  • Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges for the filtering of oil, fruit juices, liquor, or other products

  • Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges for the filtering of wine

Easy to use

The Tandem filter housing works with the Enolmatic filler and the filter cartridges. When Enolmatic is working, the liquid is sucked, filtered and bottled in a singles operation. The bottling operation is achieved with the maximum hygiene, without waste and without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Easy to clean

The Tandem filter housing can be easily cleaned by performing a bottling cycle with hot water and any degreasing product.
FunctioningVacuum pump
Filtering cartrdigesGlass fiber for wine
Stainless steel for oil, liquors, syrup, fruit juice
The Tandem filter housing connected to EnolmaticThe Tandem filter housing connected to Enolmatic
The Tandem filter housing for EnolmaticThe Tandem filter housing for Enolmatic