Milk kit for Enolmatic

The Milk Kit is specifically designed to fill wide neck bottles with mouth diameters ranging from 45 to 65 mm

Used in combination with the Enolmatic filling machine, this is the perfect machine to fill wide-neck bottles.

The Milk kit allows to fill any kind of liquid into wide-neck bottles. The kit consists of a cone in silicone fitting bottles of different sizes, ensuring a perfect seal.

The silicone cone and plastic tubes is to be mounted onto the Enolmatic filling machine. On request we provide the Enolmatic filling machine already assembled with the Milk Kit. Any excess liquid is collected in the recovery vessel, ready to be bottled afterwards.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean.

The kit is made of food grade materials.

You can buy the milk kit as well as other kits separately from the Enolmatic filling machine.

Inner diameter of the bottle neck16 to 28 mm
Good forGlass bottles
The milk kit in operationThe milk kit in operation
The contents of the packageThe contents of the package