Water and air rinsing machines

For the packaging of certain food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, it is mandatory to sanitise the container before the bottling process.

For this reason, we have developed a complete range of fully customisable semi-automatic machines to internally clean bottles, jars, and other rigid containers by injecting water and any disinfectant product and/or blowing filtered air.


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Entirely made of stainless steel and offered in versions with two or four injectors, the blowing and rinsing machines can be equipped with a pump for water recirculation or be connected directly to the water mains.

Discover the complete range.

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They allow you to rinse bottles and jars of various sizes internally. The rinsers can be supplied in the version with two or four nozzles, with and without electric pump.



A combined water and air rinser to blow and rinse bottles and jars internally with a single machine.

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Easywash rinsers allow bottles and jars of various sizes to be rinsed internally before bottling operations.

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Customized solutions

Do you want to adapt Enolmaster to your needs? Contact our team for design the perfect machine for you.