Quality solutions since 1989

We are able to produce equipment and solutions in food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and chemicals as well as automation solutions for integration within industrial production lines.

Everything was born from an intuition

To build a machine that would allow everyone to bottle wine at home, in a simple but professional way. This is the Enolmatic, a product that will be an undisputed worldwide success and lead to the birth of the Tenco company. A machine that was as simple as it was revolutionary: robust, flexible, high-performance, and of such quality that from the very beginning Tenco entered the world of bottling machinery manufacturer

Who we are today

More than thirty years have passed since the first Enolmatic was built: years in which technologies and materials, market demands and needs have changed. Some time later, we can still proudly claim to be a leader in the bottling industry. Success lies in the absolute attention to detail, in the constant search for excellence in both materials and workmanship, in the care with which we choose and define every single construction aspect. We always aim for perfection; we believe, always, that our quality and difference lie in the detail.

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The difference lies in the detail

We proudly claim to be a leader in the construction of machinery for bottling and packaging liquid products. We have developed a range of machinery and technologies for small and medium-sized companies to which we supply the complete line: from product preparation to its packaging for subsequent distribution in the market. Like Giuseppe Tenco, every day we work to provide our customers with the smartest technical solutions and the best materials for all kinds of applications concerning product preparation and packaging.