Semi-automatic and manual capping machines for every type of cap and bottle available on the market, suitable for small and medium-sized industries across all sectors.
In the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, capping machines play a crucial role in the packaging process. These highly specialized devices ensure product integrity and safety, as well as preserve quality during transportation and storage. Capping machines are designed to efficiently and accurately apply caps, closures, and seals across a wide range of containers such as bottles, vials, jars, and tubes. These machines can handle various types of caps including screw caps, snap-on caps, syringe caps, hermetic seals, and more, catering to the specific needs of different sectors.

All our capping machines

Type of cap or capsule

Vacuumcap undervacuum twist off capper



Pneumatically operated bench-top capping machine. Solid, robust, compact, and easy to use, it enables perfect capping on various caps.


Fully pneumatic bench-top capping machine suitable for twist-off caps from 38 mm up to 110 mm, with or without a safety button.


Electrically operated bench-top capping machine with stainless steel descending head and 4 rollers to seal smooth aluminium pilferproof caps with or without pourer.

Manual sealer

Manual sealing machines for sealing already threaded aluminum screw caps from oil.


Manual thermal capsulators

With the manual heat sealing machines, apply shrink capsules to the bottleneck in just a few seconds.
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