Manual dosing and capping monoblocks

Our monoblock manual dosing and capping machines have a compact design that makes them flexible, transportable, and perfect for small and medium production volumes. They optimise the filling and capping process of flexible doypack bags with pre-welded nozzles or glass jars and bottles with twist-off caps. Filling occurs precisely and quickly via pneumatic anti-drip valves for perfect dosing without leaks.


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The capping feature seals containers with plastic or twist-off caps. Both filling and capping monoblocks can be customised as required. They can be directly connected via a hose to the tank, cooker, or preparation robot. They can be fed via loading hoppers, which can also be customised with heating or mixing systems.

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Jarselite is a semi-automatic machine with a pneumatic volumetric dosing unit to fill and cap jars with liquid or semi-dense products, even with suspended pieces.


A pneumatically operated manual machine for filling and capping 'Doypack' type flexible pouches with liquid or semi-dense products.
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Customized solutions

Do you want to adapt Enolmaster to your needs? Contact our team for design the perfect machine for you.