Manual dosing and capping monoblocks


Jarselite is a semi-automatic machine with a pneumatic volumetric dosing unit to fill and cap jars with liquid or semi-dense products, even with suspended pieces.

Jarselite is a semiautomatic machine equipped with a fully pneumatically operated Doselite and/or Dosamatic Plus piston pump, suitable for filling (even at high temperatures) with liquid and dense products, with or without suspended pieces, and subsequent capping of jars and bottles with twist-off caps.

The product can be sucked directly from the cooker and/or preparation tank or can be manually loaded by the operator via a hopper.

The Jarselite machine can work with any liquid or dense product, even at high temperatures, and can close any twist off cap, whether standard twist off or twist off deep.


Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Jarsélite


  • 400 p/h for 500 ml jar

Power supply
  • pneumatics

  • 1300 x 550 x 1160H

  • 115 kgs

Compressed air consumption at 6 bar
  • 300 l/min


Models available
  • Jarsélite 5-250
  • Jarsélite 5 - 380
  • Jarsélite 20-680
  • Jarsélite 50-1300
  • Jarsélite 50-1500
  • Jarsélite 100-5000

Accessory kits available
  • Conical feed hoppers (from 6 Lt - from 15 Lt to 30 Lt)
  • Conical double-walled feed hoppers with mixer and heating (from 15 Lt and 30 Lt)
  • Conical feed hoppers with heating band and mixer) (from 15 and 30 Lt )
  • Conical hopper with mixer (15 and 30 lt)
  • Dosing heating system
  • Valve heating system
  • Magnetic chuck for cap format change


  • Glass jars cylindrical rectangular hexagonal octagonal squares

  • twist off caps with and without standard safety button
  • twist off caps with and without DEEP safety button

Video Gallery

To see Jarsélite in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Can both bottles and jars be used with the Jarsélite machine?

Yes, both bottles and jars can be used as long as we have threads for inserting twist-off type capsules.

Can I fill and close any type of jar/bottle, whether cylindrical, hexagonal, or square?

Yes, with Jarsélite there are no limits about the shape of the jar or bottle to be treated, nor about the minimum and maximum dose of the jar to be filled. In fact, different models are disposinable depending on the minimum and maximum dosage range to be made.

Does it need power supply? what kind of compressor should I use?

The Jarsélite, like the doselite. is fully pneumatically operated, so it needs an air supply or compressor to operate. We recommend the uilization of a compressor with the following minimum requirements: tank capacity 80 Lt, air flow rate 300 liters/minute, power 1.5Hp, possibly silenced and absolutely not lubricated. We recommend using an anti-condensation filter or dryer in order to avoid possible damage to pneumatic components in particularly humid environments

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