Water and air rinsing machines


Easywash rinsers allow bottles and jars of various sizes to be rinsed internally before bottling operations.

They allow you to rinse bottles and jars of various sizes internally. The rinsers can be supplied in the version with two or four nozzles, with and without electric pump.

Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Easywash


  • Up to a maximum of 600 b/h, depending on the operator

Power supply
  • 220V - 50 Hz single-phase 110-60 Hz single-phase - 220V - 60 Hz single-phase

  • 500x800x1200H

  • 45 kgs

  • 0.55KW

Standard injector inside mouth diameter
  • from 12 to 26mm

Minimum container height standard injector
  • 150mm

Mignon injector inside mouth diameter
  • from 7.5 to 26mm

Minimum container height miniature injector
  • none

Injector for jars mouth internal diameter
  • from 12 to 140mm

Minimum container height in the jar injector
  • none


Models available
  • with 2 injectors
  • with 4 injectors
  • with electric pump
  • without electric pump
  • with pneumatic pump

Accessory kits available
  • mignon injectors
  • injectors for jars


  • cylinder and square glass bottles
  • glass ladies
  • mignon bottles
  • cylindrical and square rigid pet bottles
  • glass jars


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Is the stainless steel barrel visible in the hole included in the supply?
Yes, it's the sanitizing solution container.
When is it advisable to use the rinser's pneumatic pump instead of the electric one?
We recommend using the pneumatic pump when distillates have to be packaged and/or in any case whenever ethyl alcohol is used to clean or sanitize the bottles.
What is the difference between a rinser with a recirculation pump and one with a disposable pump? Why choose one or the other?
In the rinser equipped with a pump, the sanitizing solution (water and chemical agent) is recirculated and therefore the same quantity of water is used for a greater number of bottles. If you do not want to use chemical agents, we can supply the disposable water version, i.e. with direct connection to the water mains; in this case, the water used is discharged after each use.
Can I use the Easywash or Easyclean rinsers also with a plastic or pet bottle?
It is always necessary to check with the sampling of bottles supplied by the customer, as some low-density or particularly light plastics could deform during processing.
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