Squared bottles labeler

A kit to apply self-adhesive labels onto squared or rectangular bottles. The kit is to be applied to our semi-automatic labeling machine.

This accessory,  installed on our semi-automatic labeling machine, allows you to label square and/or shaped bottles.

The kit is mechanically operated by means of a steel base, guiding the bottle while applying the label. A sponge roll completes the application of the label, ensuring greater adhesion of the label on the surface of the bottle.

This kit offers the the change to label square bottles, such as “Marasca” oil bottles or “Florentine” bottles.

Square bottle side max width75 mm
Minimum bottle width35 mm
Lebel widthmax 60 mm
Detail of the control panel of the labelerDetail of the control panel of the labeler
Detail of the kit for labeling square bottlesDetail of the kit for labeling square bottles