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Labelling Machine Et Pro

A bench-top turntable labelling machine equipped with a station to apply self-adhesive labels to cylindrical, square, conical or rounded containers.


Benchtop turntable labeling machine equipped with a station for applying self-adhesive labels to cylindrical, square, conical or shaped containers.

By installing some accessories, the machine can apply back label, search label on already labeled containers, print production batch and/or expiration date.

Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Labelling Machine Et Pro


  • variable from bottle format, maximum production 600 p/h

Labelable containers
  • Cylindrical, square and rectangular, conical, hexagonal, octagonal, glass, PET and rigid plastic bottles

  • 770 x 570 x 750mm h

  • 35 kgs

Power supply
  • Electric

Direction of label unwinding

    Compressed air consumption
    • 4 bar, 20l/min only for the marker

    • 0.4 kW

    Maximum coil diameter
    • 280 mm

    Reel internal diameter
    • 76 mm

    Maximum paper support height
    • 170 mm

    Minimum distance between labels
    • 3mm

    Available voltages
    • 240V - 50Hz
    • 110V 60Hz


    Accessory kits available
    • thermal transfer marker
    • ultrasonic sensor for transparent labels
    • cylindrical bottle positioning plate
    • square or shaped bottle positioning plate
    • plate rephasing at start of cycle required for square, rectangular, shaped and/or notched bottom containers


    • Cylindrical, conical, square and rectangular shaped bottles in glass, PET and rigid plastic

    • Cylindrical, square, shaped, hexagonal, octagonal, conical jars and containers in glass, plastic and PET

    Video Gallery

    To see Labelling Machine Et Pro in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.


    Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

    How can I label multiple formats with the ET-PRO labeling machine?

    To label multiple formats with the ET-PRO mini labeling machine, it is necessary to interchange the bottle positioning plate. Thus, jars and bottles of various formats can be labeled.

    What is the accuracy of label placement with the ET-PRO mini labeling machine?

    The maximum error during label application is +/- 3 mm.

    Can you label a square or rectangular bottle on three sides with ET-PRO mini?

    Yes, it is possible to label a square or rectangular bottle even on only three sides with a semi-wrap label.

    Can I buy the standard machine and adjust it later with my own bottles and labels?

    For the realization of this labeling machine, it is absolutely necessary to have a sampling of flacons, bottles and jars as well as roll labels needed for the adjustment of the machine and for the realization of the machine itself. Each machine is customized on the samples received, so no orders for ET-PRO labeling machines are processed unless the appropriate samples are received.

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