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Semiautomatic labeller m2r

Semi-automatic labelling machine for the application of a label (or label and reverse side with mixed roll) on bottles and other containers.


Semi-automatic labeling machine M2R equipped with a single labeling station, suitable for applying a label (or label and back with mixed roll) on cylindrical formats. By installing some accessories, the machine is able to label even small cylindrical formats, square or rectangular bottles, apply wrap-around or semi-wrap-around labels, print the production lot and/or the expiry date with the addition of the marker.

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Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Semiautomatic labeller m2r


  • on cylindrical bottles up to 600 b/h
  • on square bottles with front and back label up to 300 b/h

Labelable containers
  • Cylindrical, square and rectangular bottles in glass, PET and rigid plastic

Minimum bottle diameter
  • 25 mm

Maximum bottle diameter
  • 160 mm

Power supply
  • electric

  • 620 x 360 x 530mm H

  • 25 kgs

Paper unwinding direction

    Maximum coil diameter
    • 280 mm

    Reel internal diameter
    • 76 mm

    Maximum paper support height
    • 170 mm

    Minimum distance between labels
    • 3 mm

    Compressed air consumption
    • 10 Nl / min with marker only10 Nl / min with marker only

    Available voltages
    • 240V - 50Hz
    • 110V 60Hz


    Accessory kits available
    • accessory for square bottles labeling (square label up to 60 mm wide)
    • extra stroke supplement for square bottles accessory (for application of square labels with a maximum width of 100 mm)
    • thermal transfer marker supplement for cylindrical bottles with diameter up to 160 mm
    • supplement for paper passage 210 mm for cylindrical bottles
    • supplement for paper passage 210 mm for square bottles ultrasonic
    • sensor for transparent labels customized support for shaped bottle


    • cylindrical, square and rectangular bottles in glass, PET and rigid plastic
    • tanks
    • tinplate cans

    • Cylindrical and square jars and containers in glass, plastic and PET


    Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

    Can the machine apply label and back label in one cycle?

    Yes, it is possible to apply label and back label in a single cycle for cylindrical bottles, for shaped bottles, the operator must turn the container by 180° and label in two different steps.

    Can the front label and back label be on separate reels?

    No, this is a single reel labeling machine, which means that the front label and back label must be alternated on the same reel.

    Can I label a conical bottle?

    No, for the labeling of conical or slightly conical bottles it is necessary to purchase the ET-PRO labeling machine model.

    Can transparent labels be applied?

    Yes, using the specific ultrasonic sensor (sold separately as an accessory).

    Can plastic labels be labelled?

    It is also possible to apply plasticized labels, however the weight of the label and the thickness must be checked, in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles during the labeling process.

    Is it also possible to apply the guarantee seal with the M2R labeller?

    The M2R labeling machine is designed to label the body of bottles and jars, therefore there is no specific accessory for applying the guarantee seal on the cap. However, it is possible to make the reel of labels so as to integrate the seal on the front label and on the back label. At this point the already positioned seal can be applied, and the operator will have to manually press the stamp on the cap, once positioned on the bottle.

    All available configurations

    The machine can be configured on demand to meet all needs

    M2R labeling machine for cylindrical bottles

    M2R semi-automatic labeling machine equipped with a single labeling station, suitable for applying a wraparound or semi-wraparound label or a front label and a back label on cylindrical containers.

    M2R labeller for square and rectangular bottles

    The M2R semi-automatic labeling machine is supplied standard only for the labeling of cylindrical bottles. It is possible to insert various accessories for the labeling, for example, of square or rectangular bottles. It can also be used to label containers …
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