Mignon kit

The Mignon Kit is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Enolmatic filling machine to fill miniature bottles

This kit is designed to fill sample size bottles with liquor, oil, and other products. The Mignon Kit contains a mini spout and flexible tubes.

Assemble the parts of the kit on the Enolmatic filling machine and you are ready to fill your mini bottles. On request we provide the Enolmatic filling machine already assembled with the Mignon Kit.

Easy to clean, easy to assemble.

The Mignon Kit is made of food grade materials. The kit can be used to fill alcoholic products and products with a hot-fill process. Moreover, the materials used are certified to have a zero-emission rate in terms of phthalates.

We sell the Mignon Kit as well as other kits separately from the Enolmatic filling machine, allowing you to adapt the machine to your filling needs.

Min inner diameter7.5 mm
Max inner diameter18 mm
The miniature spout for Enolmatic in operationThe miniature spout for Enolmatic in operation
Miniature spout for EnolmaticMiniature spout for Enolmatic