Feeding hoppers

Stainless steel hoppers of various sizes and capacities for the feeding of the dosing machines

Our stainless steel hoppers for alimentary products are made of stainless steel and are polished on the inside. Combined with our Doselite and Dosamatic Plus dosing machines, they allow you to dose your products with greater precision. The hoppers can come in handy when you need to dose with greater precision, in case you need to dose very small quantities of products, or if you can not pump directly from a tank.

We offer our hoppers in several sizes depending on the needs of your dosing process, and can be equipped with the following additional accessories:

  • Heating unit

  • Mixing system

  • Sensor for temperature management

  • Sensor for level management

  • Pressure unit for particularly dense products

We produce hoppers for any kind of product: including honey-based hot products, waxes, or other cosmetic products that require a hot-fill process or need to mixed while being filled.

Cylindrical hopper with conical bottomCylindrical hopper with conical bottom
2 liter cylindrical hopper2 liter cylindrical hopper
1 liter cylindrical hopper1 liter cylindrical hopper
6 liters conical hopper6 liters conical hopper
15 liters conical hopper15 liters conical hopper