Jar kit for Enolmatic

The plastic Jar Kit is designed to fill up glass jars with oil or brine. The perfect kit to bottle home-made products

This Kit is designed for those wanting to fill glass jars with oil, brine, or other liquids to preserve food products. The Jar Kit in combination with the Enolmatic Filling machine allow you to preserve your homemade products such as dried tomatoes or olives in brine or oil: the options are endless.

Once the maximum fill-level is set, the machine fills each jar equally until the set limit is reached. The process is fulfilled within a few seconds, without wasting a single drop of liquid.

Fast filling, no-drop system.

Made in food-grade materials.

The tubes are designed to fill food-grade products, alcoholic products, hot-filling processes, and are certified phthalate free.

The Jar Kit is available separate from the Enolmatic filling machine. We offer different kind of kits to adapt the filling machine to your needs.

Jar minimum inner diameter40 mm
Bottleneck external diameter110 mm
Enolmatic in action with the jar kit for filling up jarsEnolmatic in action with the jar kit for filling up jars
Detail of the filling head for jarsDetail of the filling head for jars