Automatic filling lines

Our Automatic Filling Lines are tailor made to meet your specific filling needs

Our automatic filling lines can fill liquid or dense products such as creams, sauces, and jams - they can even fill products containing solid particles. Our automatic volumetric filling lines are equipped with a Dosamatic pneumatic volumetric fillers that assures an accurate and constant output.

The operator places the containers to be filled directly on the conveyor belt that leads them to the filling station. Once the container has reached the filling position, it will be blocked by a pneumatic piston that is manually adjustable according to the containers’ size. The filling station is equipped with a double pneumatic system that blocks the container in the proper position and prevents it to move.

The dosing is performed by our volumetric and pneumatic Dosamatic dosing machine, and can be adjusted to fill several containers The Dosamatic Plus works based on compressed air and does not need electricity or external pumps to move the product. Once filled, the pneumatic system releases the container and the conveyor belt leads it to the end of the line.

This automatic filling line is equipped with an automatic washing cycle, and the entire filling line can be completely managed by a control panel.

We currently provide automatic filling lines to companies operating in the following industries:

  • Food industry

  • Cosmetic industry

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Chemical industry

Contact us with the specifics of your project and we will provide you with the automatic filling line that suits your needs.

Automatic line, detail of the circular beltAutomatic line, detail of the circular belt
Line with 6 headsLine with 6 heads
Detail of filling spouts for pharmaceutical liquid productsDetail of filling spouts for pharmaceutical liquid products
2-head dosing line for pharmaceutical liquid products2-head dosing line for pharmaceutical liquid products