Bottom-up filling system

The tool you need to fill bottles with foamy products such as detergent, body wash, milk

The Diving Nozzle allows you to dose both foamy alimentary liquids and foamy chemical liquids. This nozzle will make filling bottles with shampoo, body wash, detergent, cleaning products, or chemical foamy liquids an easy, fast, and overall clean process.

Thespout  dives into the bottle or jar to fill it up with liquid, rising upwards with its head staying submerged in the liquid. This guarantees a smooth filling process as the foaming is eliminated by the submerged nozzle.

The machine has a volumetric filling process, meaning that the machine fills each bottle equally until the set limit is reached.

Clean filling process, fast filling.

Submerged filling process to eliminate foam-creation.

The diving and rising speed of the nozzle are personalizzabile, enabling you to fill different types of liquids into diverse bottle formats.


The bottom up filling system is supplied according to the specifications of the container to be filled. Depending on the application, we can mount the spout on the volumetric vertical dosers on the Doselite and Dosamatic plus dosage syringes.

With what kind of containers can this spout be used?

It can be used with bottles and containers of different sizes. Depending on your bottle we will provide a spout with the appropriate measures.

With what kind of products can this system be used?

This bottom up filling system can be used with food and chemical products that produce foam such as milk or foamy detergents. Depending on the type of product we will equip the dispenser with the gaskets suitable for the product to be treated.
Wheeled doselite with immersion nozzle applicationWheeled doselite with immersion nozzle application
Twin cylinder dosing machine with diving dispensing nozzleTwin cylinder dosing machine with diving dispensing nozzle
Single-cylinder vertical dosing machine with diving dispensing nozzleSingle-cylinder vertical dosing machine with diving dispensing nozzle
Detail of the diving dispensing nozzleDetail of the diving dispensing nozzle