Piston fillers

Volumetric dosers with servomotor

Servomotor-driven fillers are particularly recommended for integrations on high-performance packaging lines.


All the dosing syringes in the Doselite and Dosamatic plus range can be moved pneumatically or via brushless motors, the latter guaranteeing even more precision in dosing and can be perfectly integrated into automated packaging lines.

Servomotor dosers are particularly recommended for integration into high-performance packaging lines (conveyor belts, traysealers, thermoformers, etc.) for an automatic and reliable solution. We build and configure dosing units with servomotor according to customer needs and the required production: from single dosing units to multi-head dosing units or customized applications.

The volumetric dosers with brushless drive have electronically adjustable doses and piston speeds that can be memorized according to the recipe, with the possibility of programming acceleration and deceleration ramps for optimization of filling.

The actuation of the dosing syringes via brushless motors allows for better dosing control and greater repeatability. They are therefore suitable for being integrated into high production machinery.

They are also available with or without motorization and management, they can be mounted on stainless steel bases with wheels. All dosers with servomotor can be managed remotely via an integrated remote assistance module from the panel. They can also be equipped with a piston washing chamber in extra stroke, for cleaning the chamber and the dosing piston in the machine.

Resistances can also be integrated to keep the product at a predefined temperature and, again, they can be combined with simple loading hoppers, heating groups, mixers or pressing systems, to facilitate the suction of the product to be dosed. ultimately, each machine can be made with the most suitable configuration for the specific needs of the user.

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Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Volumetric dosers with servomotor


Power supply
  • electric


Available models - dosage range
  • from 0-40 cc
  • from 2 to 100 cc
  • from 5 to 250 cc
  • from 5 to 380 cc
  • from 20 to 680 cc
  • from 50 to 1300 cc
  • from 50 to 1500 cc

  • free (to be installed on lines or trolleys)


  • bottles
  • jars
  • vials

Plastic or PET
  • plastic bottles
  • jerrycans
  • plastic jars
  • PET bottles
  • PET trays
  • PET jars
  • flexible bags without spout
  • flexible bags with already welded spout
  • syringes

  • aluminium trays
  • metal cans
  • tinplate cans

  • bottles
  • jars

Paper and cardboard
  • bottles (Frugalbottle)
  • trays
  • jars

Kit and accessories

Pneumatic operated dosing valves

Dosage valves for our piston fillers.

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