Doypack packaging machines


An automatic line for filling and capping flexible 'Doypack' type pouches with liquid and semi-dense products.

Automatic line for filling and capping flexible bags with “Doypack” type spout for liquid and semi-dense products. Filling by volumetric, pneumatic or electronic doser, with single or double head. Dispensing station for nitrogen or other inert gas before capping to increase the shelf-life of the product.

All parts in contact with the product are made of 316L stainless steel and with gaskets suitable for the products to be packaged. The machine is completed with an automatic feeder and sorter of the vibrating base caps, descent channel and capping head. The screwing of the cap is carried out by means of a pneumatic or electronic motor with torque control.

General features

  • Loading system for bags entering the rotary table with constant force.
  • Filling of the bag by means of an anti-drop valve positioned on the star with selection of spout insertion or fixed valve.
  • Checks for bag presence, cap presence, descent channel with cap sensors.
  • Remote assistance integrated in the panel.
  • The machine is set up for the integration of an inkjet marking system for printing on the bag before packaging it.

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Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Is it possible to dose liquid and dense products such as a paté, a cream or a jam with the Actarus monoblock?

The Actarus dosing system is managed by a volumetric dosing unit, with pneumatic or electronic management, therefore it can dose any type of liquid product such as water, up to a very dense and compact product such as a cream, a pate or a sauce.

Can bags with lateral and central spouts be used?

Bags with spout already welded in lateral or central position can be used. However it is important (particularly for bags with lateral spout) to check the maximum dimensions of the bag that can be drawn with the Actarus monobloc.

Can open flexible bags also be used, to be welded?

No, the Actarus monobloc is designed to fill doypack-type flexible bags, filling from the spout. Therefore, it is not possible to treat flexible bags that must be heat-sealed.

What is the maximum dose that can be dosed with the Actarus monoblock?

The dose is carried out by means of a pneumatic or electronic volumetric piston. Depending on the dosage range to be carried out, various models of dosage syringes can be inserted, therefore ideally the Actarus monobloc can also package bags up to 5 litres. However, the size and bulk of the bag must always be evaluated.

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