Piston fillers

Pneumatic dosing syringes

Single dispensing syringes or multi-head dispensing units with a single pneumatic actuator for simultaneous handling of several product syringes.


All dosing syringes of the Doselite and Dosamatic PLus range can be handled pneumatically and be integrated into automated packaging lines. We produce single dosing syringes or multi-head dosing units with a single pneumatic actuator for the simultaneous movement of multiple product syringes.

The pneumatic dosing syringes are operated by compressed air, the dosage adjustment takes place via a handwheel with a graduated scale. All the dosing syringes of the Doselite and Dosamatic plus line are entirely made of aisi 316 stainless steel.

They are particularly simple to use thanks to the intuitive controls (control of the aspiration speed and of the dispensing speed), they are also absolutely reliable in operation with a precise and constant dosage. We guarantee a dosing accuracy of +/- 1%, if the product is aspirated correctly. All parts in contact with the product can be easily disassembled without any tools, to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations, with considerable savings in time and components.

Through an exchange of signals, all dosing syringes can be easily integrated into automatic production and packaging lines, as well as inserted into thermoforming and thermosealing machines. We also create multiple dosing units to be integrated into existing production lines or to be positioned on a base/trolley on wheels, also customized according to the needs and specifications of each customer. In the case of multi-head dosing units, the dose adjustment takes place via a single handwheel which simultaneously manages the same quantity of product for each single piston.

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Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Pneumatic dosing syringes


Power supply
  • pneumatics


Available models - dosage range
  • from 0-40 cc
  • from 2 to 100 cc
  • from 5 to 250 cc
  • from 5 to 380 cc
  • from 20 to 680 cc
  • from 50 to 1300 cc
  • from 50 to 1500 cc
  • from 200 to 5,000 ml
  • All models are also available with and without magnetic jacket and double cycle start and end senso

  • free (to be installed on lines or trolleys)


  • bottles
  • jars
  • vials

Plastic or PET
  • plastic bottles
  • jerrycans
  • plastic jars
  • PET bottles
  • PET trays
  • PET jars
  • flexible bags without spout
  • flexible bags with already welded spout
  • syringes

  • aluminum trays
  • metal cans
  • tinplate cans

  • bottles
  • jars

Paper and cardboard
  • bottles (Frugalbottle)
  • trays
  • jars

Video Gallery

To see Pneumatic dosing syringes in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.

Kit and accessories

Pneumatic operated dosing valves

Dosage valves for our piston fillers.

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