Hot Foil Printer

Hot foil marker designed to work in conjunction with our semi-automatic labeling machine. This kit stamps batch and expiry dates to labels

This hot foil stamper , combined with our labeling machine, allows you to print production batch date, expiration date, and other information onto your self-adhesive labels before applying them on your bottles.

With this kit you can mark any kind of label without smudging text. Even plastified surfaces can be easily marked with this kit.

The entire process takes place in a single operation. The information to be stamped can be set through the control panel. The printing will be performed automatically.

The kit is composed of:

  • Control panel

  • Metal stamp holder for characters - 3 lines.

  • Stainless steel  alphabet characters including 2 “L” letter symbols, numbers ranging from 0 to 8, and 8 spacers.

  • Stainless steel support

  • 1 Black tape reel

On request we provide the labeling machine already configured with the hot foil stamping machine.  

Temperature settingsfrom 70° to 250° C
Belt sizewidth 35 cm
lentgh 100 m
PowerCompressed air 3 bars
Detail of the thermal transfer markerDetail of the thermal transfer marker
Thermal transfer marker with control panelThermal transfer marker with control panel