Stainless steel cylinder for vertical fillers

The stainless steel cylinder is an essential component for filling chemical or alcoholic products or for the packaging of alimentary products requiring a hot-filling process.

The stainless steel cylinder can be mounted on our vertical dosing machine, instead of the plastic one.. The cylinder is designed for all the filling processes in which the product to be filled cannot come in contact with methacrylate or other plastic materials. These are often aggressive products such as detergent. We also advise the cylinder to manufacturers that bottle liquids with an alcoholic percentage higher than 20%.

The cylinder in AISI 316 stainless steel material can be mounted on our vertical pneumatic dosing machines. You can also add a diving dispensing nozzle to our vertical pneumatic dosing machines with stainless steel cylinder, in order to fill foamy products. Each dosing machines can be equipped with one or two stainless steel cylinders.

They are easy to clean by running a rinsing cycle with a degreasing cleaning product.

We offer the stainless steel cylinder in two capacities:

  • from 50 up to 2000 ml

  • from 250 up to 5000 ml

With what kind of products can it be used?

The stainless steel cylinder is recommended for:
  • Aggressive or corrosive chemicals
  • Alcoholic solutions with alcohol higher than 20%
  • Liquid food products that need an hot-filling process
Capacity availabledoses from 50 to 2000 ml doses from 250 to 5000 ml
Our vertical dosing machine with stainless steel cylindersOur vertical dosing machine with stainless steel cylinders