Doselite volumetric filler

Doselite our bestselling pneumatic dosing machines

This pneumatic dosing machine allows you to precisely dose small or big quantities of product. The machine can be used to dose food, chemical, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical products - you can even fill particularly dense products with the Doselite. The machine allows you to fill your products into jars and bottles of any material.

Doselite allows you to dose quantities between 0 and 1300ml. Before starting your dosing operation you have to set your desired fill level. The machine operates with compressed air, and therefore doesn’t need electricity or external pumps that push the product.

Doselite has two operation modes:

  • Automatic: product is automatically dispensed at regular intervals

  • Manual: product is manually dispensed by pressing a pedal operated by the operator

Furthermore, the machine is available in bench-top version or on the wheels in order to be easily connected to a storage tank

The Doselite dosing machine can be customized by adding diverse components:

  • Valves for the dosing of liquid products

  • Valves for the dosing of dense products

  • Shut-off Valves for dosing hot sticky products such as honey

  • Dispensing nozzles for liquid as well as dense products, with or without anti-drip system

  • Hoppers for food-grade products - these can be customized with heating or mixing systems

  • Pressing systems for pastes or doughy products

Maximum precision

The product is dispensed with constant precision. The shut-off valves and dispensing spouts prevent dripping, even with very viscous products such as honey, meat sauce or glue.

Simple to use

Doselite has two modes of operation:
  • automatic: the product is emitted at regular intervals
  • manual: the product is dosed after prssing a pedal controlled by the operator


  • pressure
  • delivery speed
  • suction speed
  • manual or automatic operation

High quality materials

All the parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 316. For this reason Doselite can operate in any sector, be the food or the chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

Air compressed or electronic

Doselite can be powered both pneumatically and electronically. In the latter case the machine transforms into an electronic doser for liquids.
Doses available0 - 38 ml
2 - 100 ml
5 - 250 ml
5 - 380 ml
20 - 680 ml
50 - 1300 ml
Detail of the doselite hand wheelDetail of the doselite hand wheel
Wheeled doselite with high dosing valve and hopperWheeled doselite with high dosing valve and hopper
Wheeled doselite with high dosing valveWheeled doselite with high dosing valve
Doselite with valve for dense productsDoselite with valve for dense products
Doselite for the dosing of syrupDoselite for the dosing of syrup
Doselite with valve for dosing liquid productsDoselite with valve for dosing liquid products
Doselite with shut-off valveDoselite with shut-off valve
Wheeled doselite with high dosing valveWheeled doselite with high dosing valve
Doselite countertop version with hopperDoselite countertop version with hopper

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