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Bottling, Filling and Packaging Technology

Tenco S.r.l. is a leader in the bottling and packaging industry.

It all started with an intuition from Giuseppe Tenco: to create a machine for bottling wine at home with professional outcomes. A handcrafted machine made out of robust materials, that must be easy to use and clean. That’s how Enolmatic was born. Enolmatic is the filling machine that made the name “Tenco” be known all over the world.
The idea of Mr. Giuseppe proved to be brilliant: Enolmatic allowed Tenco S.r.l to grow, expand, and gain considerable experience in the bottling and packaging sector.

A member of our staff assembling one of our packaging machinesAttention to the tiniest of details is one of our traitsThe gained experience lets us create efficient, solid and easy to use machines

Today, we design and produce machines and automatic filling lines for bottling, capping and labeling of a large number of products. Our packaging systems can be used for the filling of alimentary products (such as oil, wine, beer, and milk) and non-alimentary products (cosmetics, chemicals, herbal products, pharmaceuticals).
We have developed a series of machines and technologies for small and medium-sized enterprises, to which we supply complete filling lines: from the preparation of the production to its external appearance for the end-consumer.

We always try to study the best solutions to win the challenges of product packagingQuality control first of all: before leaving the factory each product is accurately tested.Our artisan work moves us

We can proudly claim to be leader in the bottling and packaging sector.
The company has grown, but our values have stayed the same over all these years: using only quality materials, producing robust products, make them easy to use and efficient. With the same spirit of Giuseppe Tenco, we work every day to provide our customers with the most intelligent technical solutions, and the best materials for every type of application.

All the Tenco's staff

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