Manual lever capper

The ideal piece of equipment to manually close aluminum screw caps.

Our bench-top semiautomatic  capping machine with the lever is the perfect piece of equipment to close bottles filled with oil or liqueurs with aluminum capsules. 

The  operator places the bottle in the right position on the base plate, with the cap manually positioned on the neck of the bottle. Then the operator r has to press the button on the left of the machine in order to rotate the capping head, and raise the base plate by lowering the lever until the right capping height is reached. The sealing and capping of the bottle takes place within seconds.

The lever capping machine can be equipped with two different capping heads:

Capping Head with 3 thread rollers. Easy and fast in use.

Capping Head with 4 thread rollers. Precise and efficient.

The machine is designed to cap and seal one size of caps.

Production rate~ 350/400 bottles/h
Sizes450 x 450 x 1100 mm
Weight50 Kg
Eletric power230 - 50 Hz single phase
Lever capping machineLever capping machine