Manual filling/capping machine for spouted pouches

Semi-automatic spouted Doypack dosing and capping machine

This semi-automatic pneumatic dosing machine is perfect for the filling and capping of Doypack pouches (with an existing spout).

The dosing range can vary from either 5 to 260 ml, 20 to 680 ml, 50 to 1300 ml 200 to 5000 ml The machine can also fill viscous products containing products particles and can be used for products requiring a hot-fill process.

The machine can be used to fill liquid or semi-liquid products. The capper closes the plastic screw caps of the flexible pouches. The cap is tightened by a pneumatic motor with a torque wrench.


The operator places the Doypack pouch inside the stainless steel fork. The quantity of product to be filled by the volumetric dosing machine is determined by the handle placed below the work station. The suction speed and product dosing rate can be adjusted according to the specifications of the operator and the product to be dosed. The fill valve goes into operating position by manually moving the lever: the operator simply has to press a button in order to start the filling operation. When the machine has finished filling the pouch, it can inject nitrogen into the doypack (if required) to prolong the shelf life of the product and safeguard its organoleptic properties. Nitrogen injection and nitrogen flow rate are adjustable through the pressure regulator. Subsequently the agent has to place the cap on the nozzle and place the closure head in the capping position. Once done, the operator has to lower the lever again and simultaneously press the button for the cap to screwed on the neck of the bag.

Main features

  • The frame of the machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and is based on wheels
  • The shoulder neck fork is specifically designed for flexible spouted pouches, and made in stainless steel
Volumetric filling units consisting of:
  • No.1 volumetric pneumatic Doselite pump completely realized in AISI 316 L stainless steel
  • one 3-way pneumatic valve for viscous or liquid products
  • one 2-way pneumatic valve with shut-off nozzles (drip free spout to be chosen based on the width of the mouth of the Doypack to be filled
  • Specific tubes for the filling of alimentary, chemical and or cosmetic products
  • Hose connection to directly connect the machine to the storage tank and the heating element
  • Capping unit consisting of a pneumatic motor and a stainless steel spindle and made according to the cap characteristics, in order to close plastic screw caps
  • Manual adjustment of the working height according to the needs of the operator
  • Nitrogen injection unit
  • Air consumption, more or less 250 Nl / min
  • Requirements: compressed air 2 รท 6 bar
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