Demijohn kit for Enolmatic

The Demijohn Kit is specifically designed to fill Demijohns or Carboys with the Enolmatic filling machine

This kit can be used to fill demijohns, or can decant wine or other liquid products from one demijohn to another or into other containers. The kit includes two spouts for demijohns of 35 and 54 liter. On request we provide the Enolmatic filling machine already assembled with the Demijohn Kit.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean.

The kit is made of food grade material.

The Demijohn kit as well as other kits are available separate from the Enolmatic filling machine.

Available sizesFor 34 and 54 liter demijohns
The demijohn kit in actionThe demijohn kit in action
The demijohn kitThe demijohn kit