Semi Automatic Air Rinsing Machine

The ideal machine to air rinse bottles before filling them

Our semi-automatic air rinsing machine allows you to air rinse the internal surface of bottles before bottling them. Any bottle can be air rinsed - whatever its size.

The machine is equipped with an air unit consisting of 3 elements:

  • Pressure regulator with 5 ?m filter unit: This unit allows you to regulate the air pressure sent to the injectors (adjustable from 0 to 10 bar, suggested at 4-6 atm)

  • Filter element with 0.3 ?m porosity:This filter protects the regulator from any oil or condensate traces that may be present in the air supplied by the compressor.

  • Extra fine filter element using a 0.1 ?m cartridge.

Any impurities that may accumulate with use of the machine can be discharged by pressing the red buttons at the bottom of the glasses.

The machine is available in different versions

  • Semi-automatic bottle air rinsing machine with two nozzles

  • Semi-automatic bottle air rinsing machine with four nozzles

You can customize the rinsing machine by changing its injectors, to adapt the machine to small bottles and or jars, for example.

MaterialStainless steel AISI 304 (structure and basin)
Sizes490 x 490 x 900 mm
Nozzles2 or 4 in stainless steel
Air rinsing nozzlesAir rinsing nozzles
Tenco Air Rinsing Machine, comprehensive overviewTenco Air Rinsing Machine, comprehensive overview