Shut-off valves

These no-drop pneumatic valves are ideal for the dosing of particularly viscous products such as honey, jam and other semi dense products also with small solid particles

These drip-proof valves are ideal for the filling of particularly viscous products, such as honey or syrup, to prevent dripping. They can be installed on the Doselite and Dosamatic Plus dosing machines, as well as on our automatic dosing lines. 

Easy to mount onto our dosing machines, you will be bottling your products more efficiently and precisely within minutes. The valves are easily connected to the main distribution valve by means of the tri-clamp system. 

Completely Made of 316 stainless steel, easy to clean, easy to disassemble.

These no-drip pneumatic dispensing valves allow you to bottle different kinds of products. 

We offer different sizes and types of valves for the filling of chemical products, solvents, acids and food.

1/2 inch shut-ff valve for liquids1/2 inch shut-ff valve for liquids
1/2 inch shut-off valve for dense products1/2 inch shut-off valve for dense products
Shut-off valve for 1 and a half inch thick productsShut-off valve for 1 and a half inch thick products
Shut-off valve with 1/2-inch passageShut-off valve with 1/2-inch passage
Shut-off valve with 1-inch passageShut-off valve with 1-inch passage