Combined air/water bottle rinser

An integrated solution to rinse and sanitize jars and bottles before filling

This machine is designed for the internal cleaning and rinsing of bottles by means of filtered air or water and a disinfectant product. This machine allows you to easily clean bottles before filling them with your product, to guarantee product quality. The machine is entirely made of stainless steel.

The machine is equipped with a reservoir tank that needs to be filled with water and if wanted with a sanitizing product. The solution will be pumped through the nozzles under pressure, through the bottles. 

Easy to clean, made of stainless steel.

The rinsing machine is available in 2 versions: either with 2 or with 4 injectors. We can equip the machine with different configurations:

  • 2 rinsing nozzles and 2 blowing nozzles.
  • 1 rinsing nozzles and 1 blowing nozzles.

Besides that, the machine is equipped with an air unit consisting of 3 elements:

  • Pressure regulator complete with 5 ?m filter unit: This unit allows to adjust the air pressure sent to the injectors (adjustable from 0 up to 10 bar, suggested 4-6 µm atm).
  • Filter element with 0.3 ?m porosity: it protects the regulator from any oil or condensate traces that may be present in the air supplier of the compressor.
  • Filter element (extra fine) using a 0.01 ?m cartridge.
Framework and basinStainless steel AISI 304Stainless steel AISI 304
Sizes490 x 490 x 900 mm490 x 490 x 900 mm
Nozzles1 for washing (inox) 1 for blowing (inox)1 for washing (inox) 1 for blowing (inox)
220 V 50 Hz single phase
220 V 50 Hz single phase
Production~ 600 bottles/h~ 600 bottles/h
The rinser-blowing machine pumpThe rinser-blowing machine pump
Detail of the blowing nozzlesDetail of the blowing nozzles
The combined air rinsing machineThe combined air rinsing machine