Overflow filling machine

Pickles, dried tomato, canned fruit, or olives: we offer the machine you need in order to fill up jars or cans with brine, oil or other preserving liquids.

This overflow filling machine allows you to fill up your jars and cans with oil, brine or other food preserving liquids in order for the canning of products such as olives or dried tomatoes.

The machine consists of a robust stainless steel base, within which the vacuum pump as well as the control panel is based. The control panel manages the required functions of each operation cycle. Outside of the structure the containment tank and the recovery vessel are housed.

You will have to set the vacuum value through the vacuum switch before filling the liquids into the jars. The filling takes place through a filling head made entirely of AISI 316 stainless steel. The dispensing valve is operated by a vertical shutter. You can adjust the height of the filling head using a handle, and have to position the jars or cans manually by putting them on the “V” formed base, which can be adapted to the diameter of the container in order to hold it in place properly.

The operator then presses the bi manual command and starts the filling cycle. The head descends automatically, placing the head hermetically on the jar emitting vacuum inside of it. This allows the machine to dispense the liquid into the free space of the jar. By releasing the buttons the head automatically rises, releasing the container.

The machine is made out of stainless steel.

The machine can be adjusted to fit with jars of any dimension, and can treat any type of product - even alcoholic products or products that require a hot-fill process. In particular, the machine is suitable for the filling of oil, vinegar, brine, alcohol and syrup.

With what kind of containers can it be used?

It is possible to adjust the machine settings to adapt it to jars of any height and diameter.

With what kind of products can it be used?

The filler can treat any type of product, even with alcohol or at high temperatures. Some notable examples are:
  • Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Brine
  • Syrup
Detail of the filling headDetail of the filling head
Rear view of the fillerRear view of the filler
Comprehensive view of the vacuum fillerComprehensive view of the vacuum filler