Semi automatic bottle rinser

A solution to wash bottles and jars before filling them

Our semi-automatic bottle air or water rinsing machine allows you to clean the internal surface of bottles before bottling them. Any bottle can be washed - whatever its size.

The machine can be equipped with or without a pump for washing with clean water and with a disinfecting product. The solution is pumped into the bottle through the nozzles using pressure.

The machine is available in different versions

  • Semi automatic bottle rinsing machine with two nozzles
  • Semi-automatic bottle rinsing machine with four nozzles
  • With or without an electric pump

You can customize the rinsing machine by changing its injectors, to adapt the machine to small bottles or jars, for example.

FrameworkStainless steel AISI 304Stainless steel AISI 304
Sizes490x490x900 mm490x490x900 mm
BasinStainless steel AISI 304Stainless steel AISI 304
Nozzles24 in stainless steel
The rinsing machine, detail of the pumpThe rinsing machine, detail of the pump
The rinser, comprehensive overviewThe rinser, comprehensive overview