Mignon kit for Enolmatic

Interchangeable stainless steel mignon nozzle for the Enolmatic and Enolmaster filling machine, specifically designed to fill small bottles

The interchangeable stainless steel nozzle for miniatures allows you to fill any kind of liquid into small bottles. The small nozzle can be used to fill chemicals, alimentary products, and alcoholic liquids, due to its structure in stainless steel.

With this accessory, you will be filling small bottles or sample bottles within a matter of minutes. You can adjust the height of the nozzle to adapt it to bottles of diverse sizes.

Easy to assemble, easy to clean, structure in stainless steel.

  • Small Stainless steel nozzle designed to fill small bottles or sample bottles.

  • Structure in stainless steel to fill any kind of liquid product

On request we provide the mini stainless steel nozzle already assembled on the Enolmatic or Enolmaster.

With what kind of bottles can you use this spout?

This spout is suitable for small and very small bottles. The height-adjustable spout makes it possible to adapt the kit to the size of the bottle.

With what kind of products can you use this spout?

You can use this spout with any kind of product, both food and chemical. It is recommended for bottling products with alcohol percentages above 20%, or products that need to be bottled at high temperatures.
Minimum internal diameter of the bottle neck7.5 mm
Maximum internal diameter of the bottle neck15 mm
Enolmatic with stainless steel miniature spoutEnolmatic with stainless steel miniature spout
Detail of miniature spoutDetail of miniature spout