Manifold with 4 inox spouts

Interchangeable Kit with 2 or 4 stainless steel spouts. It works with Enolmaster vacuum filler. Recommended for the filling of alcoholic or high temperature products

This interchangeable kit including a manifold and 2 or 4 spouts is designed for the filling of normal sized bottles. The structure as well as the spouts are made of stainless steel, allowing you to use the kit with any kind of liquid product.

Depending on your production volume you can request to the manifold with either 2 or 4 spouts. Easy to assemble, you will be filling bottles within minutes.

The height of the spout is adaptable to the bottle size.

Manifold is available with 2 or 4 spouts.

Highly recommended for filling process of products with an alcohol percentage above 20%.

Highly recommended for hot-fill processes.

You can use this Enolmaster Part with both food grade and chemical products.

With what kind of bottles can you use this kit?

This kit is suitable for standard size bottles. The height-adjustable spout makes it possible to adapt the kit to the size of the bottle.

With what kind of products can you use this kit?

You can use this kit with any product, both food and chemical. It is strongly recommended for bottling products with alcohol levels above 20%, or products that need to be bottled at high temperatures.
Enolmaster with standard four-headed manifoldEnolmaster with standard four-headed manifold
Detail of the standard stainless steel spoutDetail of the standard stainless steel spout