Starcap Pneumatic Capper

Apply crown caps to beer bottles, cork caps on wine bottles, snap-on caps on other containers in just a matter of seconds

Starcap is an air-operated, innovative, patented corker and capper. This compact capping machine allows you to perfectly cap:

Corks, synthetic and agglomerated, for the capping of wine bottles.

Crown caps for the capping of beer bottles.

Snap-on caps

The wine corks are manually inserted into the cone. By pressing the two start buttons, the cork is inserted into the bottle neck of the wine bottle by slightly compressing the cork. The StarCap capping machine guarantees perfect integrity, doesn’t create seems on the surface, and doesn’t affect the material in any way.

Crown caps on the other hand, are applied by means of a magnetic pressure head. The operator has to place the crown cap under the magnetic capping head, place the bottle on the plate, and press the button to start the capping head. The bottle will be closed with the crown cap within a matter of seconds.

The plastic pressure caps have to be applied manually on the bottle neck in order to be capped. The operator  then has to place the bottle on the plate and press the start button to make the capping head descend and cap the bottle.

Fast capping

The machine is equipped with an air pressure regulator with a manometer e that allows the pressure to be adjusted according to the type of cork used.

Starcap comes standard with three capping heads for capping corks, crown caps, and snap-on  caps. Upon  request you can receive the simplified version of the machine with the capping head for capping just the  crown caps.

Production rate~ 400 bottles/hour
Dimensions375 x 325 x 745 mm
Weight25 Kg
PowerCompressed air
Caps and bottles sizesCORK CAPS
Ø max. 25 mm - h. max 45 mm
h. bottles from 200 to 370 mm
Ø max. head 37 mm
h. bottles from 130 to 465 mm
Ø from 26,5 to 29 mm
h. bottles from 130 to 465 mm
Starcap: version for crown capsStarcap: version for crown caps
Starcap: version for crown capsStarcap: version for crown caps
Starcap: version for cork stoppersStarcap: version for cork stoppers