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Enolmatic is a small-sized, easy-to-use professional bottling machine ideal for bottling wine, oil, beer, spirits, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices.


Enolmatic is the only filler with professional characteristics and performance, small size and extremely easy to use, ideal for wine, oil, craft beer, distillates, liqueurs, syrups and fruit juices.

Thanks to its ease of use, it is possible to decide the filling level, adjust the bottling speed and use bottles of different formats.

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Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Enolmatic


  • about 180 bottles of 750 ml per hour

Container neck internal diameter
  • from 16-28mm

Minimum bottle height
  • 180 mm (with standard spout, with mignon spout there is no minimum height)

Maximum bottle height
  • 330 mm

Power supply
  • electric

  • 220/230V - 50 Hz
  • 220V - 60 Hz
  • 110V - 60 Hz
  • 240V - 50 Hz

  • 20x40x40H

  • 4.5 kgs


Spout configuration
  • plastic for wine/oil/beer
  • Kristal type plastic (bottles with long and thin necks)
  • plastic for mignon bottles
  • plastic milk cone (for bottles with twist off neck)
  • stainless steel wine/oil/beer
  • stainless steel for mignon bottles
  • stainless steel milk cone (for bottles with twist off finish)

  • on bench

Number of spouts
  • 1


  • bottles
  • demijohns
  • jars
  • vials

Video Gallery

To see Enolmatic in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Is it possible to use Enolmatic to fill plastic bottles or tinplate cans (such as oil cans)?

No, Enolmatic is a vacuum bottling machine, that is, it works via a vacuum pump which sucks the air from the container to be filled (bottle) and fills it with the liquid to be bottled, be it wine, oil, liqueurs. Precisely the principle of the vacuum created during the bottling operation presupposes that the container to be filled must be a rigid container, such as glass or HDPE plastic, such as a pharmaceutical container, otherwise the latter will crush and it will not be possible to complete the bottling process.

How can I regulate the amount of liquid inside the bottle using Enolmatic?
Enolmatic is a level filler, this means that it is not possible to determine the quantity of product inside the bottle but only the filling level to be reached. Once the quantity of product has been adjusted according to the filling level, Enolmatic will always dispense the same quantity of product inside the bottle, always maintaining the same filling level bottle after bottle.
Does Enolmatic stop or do I have to turn it off every time I have reached the desired filling level inside the bottle?

No, Enolmatic has been designed to work uninterruptedly for up to eight continuous hours. To switch from one bottle to another, once the set level is reached, simply detach the bottle from the cone of the filling spout. In this way the machine stops sucking from the sampling drum and, therefore, dispensing the liquid inside the bottle. This operation must be carried out with the engine running.

How often should I empty the Enolmatic product storage tank?
When the set level has been reached, if the operator does not remove the full bottle, Enolmatic continues to aspirate the product which is rejected into the rear accumulation vessel. This vessel must be emptied when it is excessively full. To empty the jar, turn off Enolmatic, lift the pin on the lid to let the air out of the storage jar and remove the lid from the jar. The Enolmatic storage vessel is also easily disassembled and cleaned. The vessel can then be emptied and the various components reconnected to start Enolmatic working again. The capacity of the recovery tank is approximately 3 litres.
Can I use Enolmatic to bottle creams, jams or honey?

No, the operating principle of the Enolmatic is that of working through a vacuum pump, therefore it is suitable for filling all liquid products, but it cannot suck up thick or creamy products, nor products with fibers or pieces in suspension (because the latter would block the holes of the dispensing spout).

Can I use Enolmatic to bottle essences or essential oils?
For liquid products based on essential oils it is preferable not to use Enolmatic, but the Enolmaster vacuum filler with two or four spouts. Enolmatic is, in fact, made with a plastic material body which can be damaged or corroded if it comes into contact with essential oils or pure essences (such as citronella oil, lavender or citrus essences).

All available configurations

The machine can be configured on demand to meet all needs

Enolmatic with plastic spout for wine

The Enolmatic can be configured with various types of spouts both in plastic and in steel according to the product and the format of the bottle to be filled. The standard configuration includes a plastic spout for wine or other …

Enolmatic with plastic spout for oil

Enolmatic equipped with plastic spout for oil and other viscous liquid products

Enolmatic with plastic spout for beer

Enolmatic equipped with a shorter plastic spout for beer and other particularly frothy liquid products

Enolmatic equipped with stainless steel spout

The Enolmatic can be configured with various types of spouts both in plastic and in steel according to the product and the format of the bottle to be filled. The stainless steel spout is available in three variants: for wine …

Enolmatic with plastic kristal spout

Enolmatic with specific plastic spout for filling bottles with a long and thin neck.

Enolmatic with miniature spout in plastic

Enolmatic with specific plastic spout for filling small glass or rigid plastic bottles

Enolmatic with mignon spout in steel

Enolmatic with stainless steel spout specific for filling small glass or rigid plastic bottles, recommended for flavored oils and/or products with a high alcohol percentage

Enolmatic with plastic milk spout

Enolmatic equipped with plastic spout and increased cone for filling liquid products in bottles with twist off mouth (such as milk bottles and fruit juice)

Enolmatic with stainless steel milk spout

Kit and accessories

Enolclean sanitizing powder

Chlorine sanitizing powder to clean and sanitize glass fiber cartridges

Stainless steel spout for Enolmatic and Enolmaster

A stainless steel spout to bottle liquid, viscous or foamy products.

Demijohn kit

Kit to transfer wine or other liquids between two demijonhs.

Oil bath filter

Oil bath filter for Enolmatic and Enolmaster.

Kristal kit

Everything you need to fill bottles with a long neck with Enolmatic

Dame filling kit

An accessory to fill glass 3-5 liters carboys.

Milk kit

The spout for bottles with a wide neck and twist-off cap.

Mini kit

Spout and accessories to fill mignon bottles with Enolmatic.


Filtering cartridges in fiberglass or stainless steel to filter the wine. They are used in couple with the Tandem or Tandem Professional filter cartridge holder.

Wine kit

A kit for Enolmatic that allows to bottle wines

Mignon stainless steel spout

A stainless steel spout for bottles of small size. Recommended for alcoholic products or products that must be bottles hot.

Opera kit

Kit for filling bottles with very low filling level.

Beer kit

Kit for bottling liquid products that produce foam with Enolmatic.

Jar kit

Kit for the filling of jars with preserving liquid. Designed for Enolmatic or Enolmaster.

Oil kit

Spout and accessories to bottle oil with Enolmatic

Tandem filterhousing

Filter housing for filtering cartridges

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