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Kristal kit

Everything you need to fill bottles with a long neck with Enolmatic

Enolmatic accessory kit consisting of a plastic spout and tubes for filling bottles with a long and thin neck.
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Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Kristal kit


  • Approximately 150 bottles/hour (capacity 500ml)

Container neck internal diameter
  • from 12 to 28 mm

Minimum bottle height
  • none

Maximum bottle height
  • 350 mm


Spout configuration
  • Plastic


  • Bottles


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

How do I adjust the filling level on the Kristal spout?

The Kristal spout is made up of a flat gasket that rests on the neck of the bottle and an internal tube that can be raised and lowered according to the desired filling level.

When I remove the bottle the Kristal spout it drips, why?

With this type of spout, the product must be sucked from below, preferably from a tank positioned on the ground in order to avoid any dripping.