Bottling machines kits and accessories

Beer kit

Kit for bottling liquid products that produce foam with Enolmatic.


Accessory kit for Enolmatic for filling liquid products that tend to be foamy. The package includes the plastic or stainless steel spout and the flexible and rigid pipes for fitting and connecting to the Enolmatic.


Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Beer kit


  • Approximately 170 bottles/hour (capacity 330 ml)

Container neck internal diameter
  • from 16 to 28mm

Minimum bottle height
  • 180 mm

Maximum bottle height
  • 330 mm


Spout configuration
  • Stainless steel for beer and foamy liquids
  • Plastic for beer and foamy liquids


  • Bottles


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Can I bottle beer and/or other types of carbonated drinks?

The beer kit is an accessory kit to be mounted on the Enolmatic, necessary for the bottling of liquid products, including foamy ones.

However the vacuum filling system is not recommended for beer with already added CO2, sparkling wines and other particularly fizzy drinks, in how much the vacuum pump could reduce the percentage of gas inside the drink.