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The perfect bottling machine for farms, wineries, distilleries and breweries. It fills up to 600 bottles/h, without waste.


Enolmaster is a professional performance vacuum bottling machine ideal for oil mills, farms, cellars, distilleries and breweries.

Fast and convenient, Enolmaster fills about 600 bottles per hour, in absolute hygiene and without the slightest waste, thanks to its ease of use. The filling level of the bottles can be modified, and once selected, it becomes automatic.


Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Enolmaster


  • about 500 bottles now of 750 ml

Container neck internal diameter
  • from 16 - 28mm

Minimum bottle height
  • 180 mm (with standard spout, with mignon spout there is no minimum height)

Maximum bottle height
  • 350 mm

Power supply
  • electric and pneumatic

  • 230 - 2240V - 50Hz
  • 110V - 60Hz

  • 65 x 47 x 45 H in the bench version
  • 65 x 60x140h in the trolley version

  • 35 kgs


Spout configuration
  • stainless steel wine/oil/beer
  • stainless steel for miniature bottles
  • stainless steel milk cone (for bottles with twist off neck)
  • 2 standard stainless steel spouts (wine-oil-beer) and 2 stainless steel miniature spouts
  • 3 standard stainless steel spouts and 1 mignon stainless steel spout
  • 1 standard stainless steel spout (wine - oil - beer) and 1 mignon stainless steel spout
  • plastic spouts for wine/oil/beer
  • plastic type Kristal (bottles with long and thin necks)
  • plastic for mignon bottles
  • plastic milk cone (for bottles with twist off neck)

  • on bench
  • on trolley

Number of spouts
  • 2 or 4


  • bottles
  • jars
  • vials

Video Gallery

To see Enolmaster in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Can I use Enolmaster to fill magnum bottles?
Yes, Enolmaster in the standard version can be used with any type of bottle with a maximum height of 330 mm, in the case of tall bottles (such as a magnum bottle) we can create an oversized shaft to also handle magnum bottles. It is necessary to send us a technical drawing or a sample of the bottle in order to make this modification.
How do I adjust the level on the stainless steel spout of the Enolmaster filler?

Insert the bottle under the spout and place it on the base of the Enolmaster; with the bottle inserted, the balance wheel must be horizontal or slightly higher than the horizontal plane of the balance wheel itself. To adjust the level of liquid in the bottle, act on the positioning ring. The minimum distance of the liquid from the edge of the bottle (maximum filling) is obtained by positioning the ring downwards while the maximum distance of the liquid from the edge of the bottle (minimum filling) is obtained by positioning the ring upwards. Intermediate measurements can be obtained by positioning the ring between the two positions of maximum and minimum filling. To move the ring, slightly loosen the two front screws, slide it into the desired position (use the notches for reference) and tighten the screws. Place the silicone cone snug into the ring. To obtain a precise and constant level, the bottles, once filled and possibly foamed, must be quickly removed from the spout.

How can I wash Enolmaster?

We recommend washing Enolmaster at the end of each bottling cycle. It is sufficient to use water and a non-toxic degreasing detergent with neutral ph and carry out a bottling cycle with water (even hot, with high degreasing power) and sanitizing solution. Then rinse with clean water.

How often should I empty the Enolmaster product storage tank and how do I empty the product recovery tank?
The Enolmaster vessel has a safety valve, when the level of product in the vessel reaches the level of the float, the vacuum is dispersed and it is necessary to empty the vessel. The Enolmaster recovery jar is approximately 6 litres. The procedure for shaking the recovery vessel is as follows: turn off the motor of the filler, lift the central pin of the float to release the vacuum from the vessel, open the drain cock. Lift the jar lid and place it so that more air enters the jar. After emptying, replace the lid, close the cock and restart the engine.

All available configurations

The machine can be configured on demand to meet all needs

Enolmaster on bench

The Enolmaster is available as standard in the bench version to be positioned on any work table and easily moved within the production laboratory. The compact and light design allow, in fact, to move it easily and without particular difficulties.

Enolmaster with trolley

The Enolmaster is also available in the version on a trolley with wheels to be easily moved around the bottling laboratory. If you purchase the Tandem Professional filter holder to carry out the filtration, it will be placed in the …

Enolmaster with two spouts in stainless steel

The Enolmaster can be configured with various types of spouts both in plastic and in steel according to the product and the format of the bottle to be filled. The enolmaster can be supplied with two stainless steel spouts, available …

Enolmaster four spouts in stainless steel

The Enolmaster can be configured with various types of spouts both in plastic and in steel according to the product and the format of the bottle to be filled. The enolmaster can be supplied with four stainless steel spouts, available …

Enolmaster with plastic recovery jar

Enolmaster is supplied standard with a product recovery vessel in methacrylate, a plastic material suitable for the passage of liquid products at room temperature such as wine, oil or beer

Enolmaster with recovery jar in pyrex glass

Enolmaster is supplied with a recovery jar in pyrex glass, necessary for the bottling of products at high temperatures (for example for bottling fruit juices) or with a high alcohol content (such as grappa, liqueurs or gin) or for packaging …

Enolmaster with electric pump

The standard version of Enolmaster foresees that the machine is equipped with an electric pump (available in the 220V - 50-60 Hz or 110V . 60 Hz version).

Enolmaster with pneumatic pump

Enolmaster is also available in the pneumatic version instead of the electric version. It is preferable to use Enolmaster with an electric pump if products with a high alcohol percentage are bottled and therefore, in potentially explosive risk environments.

Kit and accessories

Stainless steel spout for Enolmatic and Enolmaster

A stainless steel spout to bottle liquid, viscous or foamy products.

Oil bath filter

Oil bath filter for Enolmatic and Enolmaster.


Filtering cartridges in fiberglass or stainless steel to filter the wine. They are used in couple with the Tandem or Tandem Professional filter cartridge holder.

Professional tandem filterholder

Tandem professional is a filter holder for Enolmaster, it allows to filter and bottle liquids in a single operation.

Kits for Enolmaster

A range of interchangeable accessories for filling miniature bottles or bottles of other formats with Enolmaster.

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