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Professional tandem filterholder

Tandem professional is a filter holder for Enolmaster, it allows to filter and bottle liquids in a single operation.


The Tandem Professional three-cartridge filter allows you to filter and bottle in a single operation various types of liquid products such as wine, oil, fruit juices or syrups, simply by replacing the filter cartridges (available in fiberglass and stainless steel).

The Tendem Professional filter is available in the version with plastic or pyrex glass jar (to be used for liquid products with an alcohol concentration higher than 20% or for the filtration of hot products).

Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Professional tandem filterholder


  • 10'' cartridge with code 7 connection


  • Wine and liquid products
  • Oil and viscous products

Material of the vase
  • Pyrex glass


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

Can I use 3 different mesh cartridges in the tandem profesional filter?

No, the cartridges work at the same time and must have the same filtering degree.

Can I use the Tandem filter holder instead of the Tandem professional with the Enolmaster?

No, because the flow rate of the Enolmaster filler requires a filtering surface which is equal to that of 3 cartridges.

How can I clean the Tandem professional filter holder?

The cleaning procedure requires acid-based detergents for wine, beer and fruit juices, while alkaline detergents are used for oil or products with a high sugar percentage.

The quantity of acid and alkaline detergent always depends on the type of product used, it is advisable not to exceed the dose of 8 g per 1 l of water.