Semi-automatic capping machines


Pneumatically operated bench-top capping machine. Solid, robust, compact, and easy to use, it enables perfect capping on various caps.

Bench capper with pneumatic operation. Solid and robust, compact and easy to use, it allows you to carry out a perfect corking on various types of caps.

The complete version includes 3 kits for closing satin corks, synthetic agglomerate, crown caps and “Guala dop” type pressure caps or corks with wooden head.

The cork stoppers are manually inserted into the cone; by activating the two start buttons, the cork is introduced into the bottle with a compression principle which guarantees its perfect integrity.

Furthermore, thanks to the particular head used by this system, once the capping has been completed, the surface of the cap is perfectly homogeneous, without depressions or removal of material from the cap.


Technical specifications

Some technical data to know more about Starcap


  • about 300 p/h for bottles with rago or synthetic agglomerate cork stoppers
  • about 500 p/h for crown caps and dop guala caps or wooden head cork caps

Maximum cap diameter
  • 24 x 44mm

Maximum bottle height
  • 350 mm

Minimum bottle height
  • 180 mm

Power supply
  • pneumatics

Recommended minimum compressor
  • 40 litres

  • 39 x 46 x 80

  • 31 Kgs


Available configurations
  • Standard Starcap (includes 3 sets for closing satin corks, crown caps and pressure caps)
  • Starcap corona only for 26 and 29 mm crown caps
  • Starcap Pression only for pressure caps, Guala dop caps and mushroom head cork caps

  • on bench


  • satin cork stopper
  • cap in synthetic agglomerate
  • crown cap
  • crown cap with tab
  • pressure cap
  • guala cap dop
  • wood head cork stopper
  • metal lid

Video Gallery

To see Starcap in action in various versions and for different applications, you can explore our video library.


Do you still have any doubts? Here you will find all the answers you need.

What is the maximum diameter of the cork that the STARCAP can apply
the maximum diameter of the cork stopper is 24 mm.

Does the Starcap capper close T-shaped corks like champagne corks?

No, it is not possible to use Starcap to close mushroom corks. It can only be used for satin cork stoppers or synthetic agglomerate stoppers.

Can the Starcap capper also close magnum bottles?

No, the structure and small size do not allow the use of Starcap with magnum type bottles.

Can a nitrogen injection device be inserted on the Starcap capper? Can you carry out vacuum capping?

No, the Starcap capper is designed for semi-manufactured use, for small companies and not for industrial production. In view of its small size and very simple mechanical controls, neither nitrogen injection nor vacuum before capping can be integrated.

Is the compressor included in the supply of the Starcap capper?

The Starcap capper is completely pneumatic in operation, this means that the capper works by means of compressed air or a simple hobby compressor. The compressor is not included in the delivery of the machine.

Is there a cap feeding hopper?

No, the Starcap capper is a bench machine. there is no hopper for feeding the caps, the caps must be inserted individually by the operator.

All available configurations

The machine can be configured on demand to meet all needs

Corona caps

Capper with fully pneumatic operation, version with protective visor and two-handed operation for closing only crown caps with a diameter of 26 and 29 mm

Pressure caps (guala dop caps or cork caps with wooden head)

Fully pneumatic capper, version with protective visor, two-handed operation for closing pressure caps only, “Guala dop” type caps and cork caps with wooden head.

Pressure lids

On request it is possible to customize the Starcap pneumatic capper for closing plastic or metal pressure lids.

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